NICA LIFE Beaded Woven Bracelet-Embellish Collective Women's Boutique

NICA LIFE Beaded Woven Bracelet

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Beaded Woven Bracelet 

The Nica Life Woven Bracelets are some of the most intricate handmade pieces. Each one takes more than half a day to weave. The Nica Life artisans put all of their skill and love into these beautiful pieces. This bracelet is the only piece of jewelry you’ll need with a basic tee or dress to create a standout look!
  • Provides a fair wage for talented artisans in Nicaragua 
  • A portion of proceeds donated to education programs 
  • Multiple brackets stacked together

Materials - Glass beads, high quality gold plated tag, wax coated string

Length: Adjustable 5-11 inches


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